What is behind Dean Hollands iPro?

So, I did it. I paid 2.000 bucks for an affiliate program, Dean Hollands iPro. What is behind it? Well, it is a complete funnel of products that starts with low priced products from $4.95 for a 4 Gigabyte USB stick with a video about the dirty affiliate secret (The Secret is: You need to earn from the backend products of a funnel too, to really make profit as an affiliate and not only to barely break even) up to the most expensive product, the one time membership fee for iPro, which is sold for $5.000. If you invest in the latter, then you can make up to $2.500 commission per sale, if people buy through your link. I only paid for the $2k one time fee membership, so the maximum amount single commission I can make is $1.000.

You have to send traffic to the funnel yourself. All I did until now is mail out twice to my list of around 500 not very responsive subscribers, got about two click-throughs, but no signup or sale. It is up to you how you generate the traffic. Once someone signs up through your link, Dean Hollands team follows up with them, from email messages up to a consulting phone call for the actual iPro membership.

Once in iPro, there are two websites you get access to. The first is one where you generate your affiliate links and the second is the actual iPro learning area, where you find lots and lots of education videos about making profit with iPro. You mainly sell products you yourself had to buy to get the iPro membership plus a quite few more. You dont need to buy every single product from the funnel, you may even get a direct link to the membership as I give you below. There is also a members only Facebook group and about three live webinars every week, for example Motivation Monday. Up to now, I have never attended a webinar, but they seem to be good.

So, thats about iPro. If you are still interested and want to do me a favor, you can buy through me. So if you want to start at the beginning of the funnel, just click here. Otherwise, If you directly want to buy iPro for 2.000 bucks click here. Thank you.

Pascal Parvex out.